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How to create your own roller and put your face in it

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Help center!

Cмех.ru – is a unique project with the help of which you can create fancy video congradualtion to your friend and relatives and they will be main characters. You can use by default humorous skits created by the developers or become a screenwriter of you your own scene! With the help of this fancy videos you can entertain you friends in social nets, congradulate you frend or take part in thematic competitions.

  1. How to register?
  2. How to ad a face?
  3. How to create your own video?
  4. How to make a payment?
  5. How to download your video?
  6. How to get a vip account?
  7. Difference between VIP and ordinary accounts?
  8. Wherea are the videos created by me?
  9. Confidentiality policy
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  11. Site policy
  12. Public contract-offer
  13. Copyrights

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