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How to create your own roller and put your face in it

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How to create your own video?


  • To add a face in the project you have to be registered on the site CMEX.RU, after this select a video in which you want to add a new photo.
  • Once you have chosen the video click the “Start now” button, the window with the project will be opened, you will need to specify from one to seven photos depending on the project. In the opened window you will see “Add a face” button. After clicking the button you will be proposed to upload a photo from you PC or take a photo with the help of your Web camera. Choose the way more convenient for you. 

  • After you have chosen the photo you need, you will be asked to “chose another photo”, if you have determined that this photo will be used in the video click “Further” button.. 


  • A window will be opened in which you will need to fit the photo to the oval, try to fit so that the eyes are approximately  at the level of the “eyes” mark. There should not be any space at the edge of the face. The best is to crop the face a little bit by the oval. Rotate the photo if it is offset, use the sliders in the right side to get the best result. Once you achieved the desired resuld click the “further” button".


  • A window will be opened and you will be asked to specify mouth area. Try to make so that red triangles are in the mouth corners. The upper blue circle should be on the lower lip, cut line should pass over the lip or low teeth, and the lower blue circle should be as low as possible in the chin area.


  • A window with the video will be opened. Now you just drag your photo in the video in an order convenient for you. You can also use the same person in several positions of the video if you chose a video with several persons. If you wish to add more persons the press “create a face” button an repeat the aforemention steps. Once you created the necessary amoun of persons and dragged into the video press “Ready” button. 


As the result you should get something like this:


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